loft conversions in LondonDrummond are used to specialised builders work packages from diamond drilling, saw cutting or even the use of non-explosive demolition grout we will have a solution to your problem. One area in particular, outside of the commercial world that is becoming more usual or prevalent is that of passenger lift installation. With high property prices come high expectations. Prices per square foot are optimal at first floor level above which the rates become “blended” to reflect true values of living. Installing a passenger lift whether it be for the infirm (disabled access) or simply for the convenience or luxury of easily accessing all the home facilities, radically affects the valuation of a property.

Where to start one might ask?

Professional advisers may have experience of lift costings and installations although beyond the hard cost of “buying” the lift lies the minefield of co-ordination.
Drummond have the expertise to not only carry out an economic feasibility study but to select and coordinate the appointment of a lift supplier and installer. This is the beginning of the process, a lift shaft will be required. Whether a new building or the refurbishment of an old building the lift shaft will be a crucial component to ensure the smooth installation of your lift, the check list may appear tiresome and exhaustive but unless controlled from placement of order to final installation, testing and commissioning could be fraught with problems, delays and ultimately costly.

An example of the issues concerning lift installations in the following pro-forma might read

  1. Do I have a suitable substrate on which to build – Depth, neighboring buildings

  2. Are there drainage issues or other underground considerations ie., tube train or basement structures

  3. Am I the freeholder, do I need estates permission

  4. Structural considerations, an early survey will establish if there are any significant difficulties that require structural solutions

  5. The shaft construction will be coordinated to comply with structural requirements, building regulation requirements, fire and safety requirements and importantly the critical requirements required by the

  6. Whichever material is selected from structural stud walling / reinforced concrete / masonry / structural steel and how these materials are incorporated into the door openings at each floor level as well as structurally integrated into the floors and landings the ” lift shaft ” will be required to be square within its own structure and to be ” plumb and line able “

  7. The lift pit, usually below ground will have critical dimensions for safety and operation. The pit will need to be dust free, waterproof and oil resistant.

  8. The shaft will require to be well lit and accessible for emergencies and maintenance.

  9. The type of lift will either operate with the need of a separate lift plant room or simply an hydraulic plant housing, either of which will require minimum standards of safety for access and maintenance.

  10. Structural integrity of existing / new shaft guide walls. A structural engineer will ensure that all necessary standards are available and observed. Likewise door structures to the shaft will require careful coordination to ensure structural stability and the use of specialist resources providing ” fixable” entities to suit structural and specific lift needs.

  11. Aesthetics, cars and access doors / enclosures can be sourced via the lift manufacture or added to your own specification.

  12. Electrical and drainage requirements are important and must be provided in strict accordance to the specification

Drummond will ensure that the installation of your lift is not only supplied as fit for purpose but to whichever high level of specification that may be required.

We at Drummond will manage the minefield in coordination of the many disciplines involved in the safe and successful provision of your lift is carried out with the minimum of risk both financially but with an efficiency that will minimise the project turnaround period.

Please call us at Drummond, whether you are a lift manufacturer, a private client requiring a turn key package or a design professional looking for a relationship with a one stop shop to the anathema of the lift industry.

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